3 Tips For Getting The Best Shave Possible

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Every man is looking for the best shave possible. Nobody wants to have stubble just hours after shaving. That is why it is important that you know the tricks to getting the best shave possible for your skin. Here are some tips that every man should know.

1. Water Temperature Is Very Important

In order to get the best shave possible you should be very careful about the temperatures of your water.  Many men shave in the shower which is actually a fantastic idea. When you use warm or hot water it helps to open the pores and bring the root of the hair right to the surface. This way the root is fully exposed so that when you run the razor over it keeps the cut nice and close to the skin.

If you make the mistake of using cold water your skin will get chill bumps. These bumps will hide the root of the hair so that even after you shave you will have stubble. Thus, don't shave until you can get warm or hot water.

2. Massage the Skin

When you rub the gel, cream, cleanser or oil on your skin it is very important that you massage the moisturizer into the skin. This is for two reasons. The first is that you want a thick lather over the skin. This will help to protect the skin so that the razor will only cut the hair and not shave off too many layers of skin.

The second reason is that when you rub it the skin it will help to expose the root, much like using hot water will. You need the root of the hairs to be sticking straight up. This will come as you massage the area so that the skin is standing erect on the skin.

3. Don't Forget The Aftershave

Many men mistakenly think that aftershave is only for the scent. Although many products smell nice, this is not the only reason to use aftershave. When you use a good aftershave it will help to close the pores. That way your skin is not exposed and the pores will help to cover up base of the hair. This will protect your skin from acne and irritation. In addition, closing the pores will keep your skin nice and moist. The more smooth and moist your skin the better it will look.

By following these simple tips, and with blades like those from Vintage Blades, you can get the closet shave possible.


18 February 2015

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