Have A Custom Bobble Head Topper Created For Your Wedding Cake

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When getting married, every little detail is important to many brides. One small detail that you may not have considered yet is the wedding cake topper you want to use. If you want to have a topper that is as unique as you and your loved one are, consider having a custom bobble head topper created from a company like Webobble. The following guide will walk you through the creation of your custom bobble head item.

Choose A Design

When you are ordering your wedding cake topper, you need to choose the design you want for your piece. You can have the topper created to be comical, such as the bride dragging the groom across the cake while he is sitting down. You can also choose to have a serious topper made where the bride and groom are gazing at each other lovingly. The style you choose should fit the tone of your wedding and your personalities.

Choose Your Look

When you have the custom bobble head created, you will need to include a picture of you and your future spouse. Choose a picture that is flattering because the bobble head will be made to be an exact replica of the picture that you submit to the company. The bobble head creator needs a picture that shows your features closely so that they can create a bobble head that is as realistic as possible.

Choose the Details

When you have the bobble head piece created, you can choose to have additional details attached as well. You could have your dog or children added to the bottom of the item for an added fee. It is important to realize that you do not want the topper to be so big that it cannot easily fit on top of your cake. Determine how large your cake top will be before ordering the piece to ensure that the topper fits properly.

After the wedding, the topper can be displayed on a bookshelf or mantle for you to see it every day. They are designed to be long-lasting with the proper care and protection. You do not want to allow children to handle the toppers because they are often intricate, and the detailing could chip or break if the figures are handled too much. Displaying it on a protected shelf will keep the topper out of harms way and still allow you to enjoy seeing it on a daily basis.


8 April 2015

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