Taking A Blind Person Shopping With You? 3 Ways To Ensure They Have A Good Experience

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If you have a friend that is blind and you are planning a shopping trip with them, you both can have a great time but you do have to do things a little differently. This is especially true if your friend wants to walk instead of using a mobility device. Below are three ways you can help your friend so you can determine if these tips would be right for them.

Make a List

Before you leave with your friend to go to the mall, write down a list the things they would like to purchase at the mall. Ask them to put as much information as they can about the items so you can be sure what you purchase will please them. If they want clothing, besides the color and size, ask them the type of fabric they want also, as there are a wide variety to choose from.

Talk to other friends who have taken your friend shopping about the things they have liked to purchase in the past, such as clothing, accessories, items for the home, etc.

Use Apps

There are apps your friend can download on their smartphone that work much like a virtual personal shopper. This app uses a type of location tracking device that knows when you and your friend enter a shop in the mall.  The app can also assist your friend in locating a certain item, as well as help them know if there are any special promotions going on.

This app can also give your friend fashion advice and suggest certain outfits.  Your friend likely has a screen reader installed on their smartphone. If so, they can find their items by giving a description in the reader. The app can then help your friend find their way to the right shelf or clothes rack. Even though you will be with them, this will give them some independence when shopping, which will make them feel better.

Tell Your Friend the Layout

Your friend is comfortable in places they are used to, but it can be very difficult to navigate somewhere they have never been, especially something as large as a shopping mall. To help relieve some of the stress they may be feeling, contact the mall and ask them for a map. Sit down with your friend and go over the entrances, the shops on each floor, the shape of the mall, etc.

Call the mall ahead of time and ask if they have mobility assistance, such as motorized scooters, just in case your friend decides to use one. Check out a mall like Tri-County Mall in advance for more tips on navigating and shopping with someone who is blind.


14 February 2017

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