Top 4 Tips To Follow When Sending Sympathy Flowers


Losing a loved one is never easy. It is an excellent idea to take the time to let those you know that have lost a friend or family member that you care by sending a bouquet of sympathy flowers from a company like Marine Florists. In order to keep with proper etiquette and ensure the flowers are well received, there are a few important tips you should follow. 

Select Appropriate Flowers

First, you'll need to understand the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers. Funeral flowers are typically purchased by those closest to the deceased specifically for the funeral service. You'll want to stick to picking a set of flowers that convey your condolences and then have that arrangement delivered to the home or office of your friend or loved one. Second, it is best to choose a smaller sized bouquet that has a pleasant fragrance but isn't too flashy. 

Attach a Thoughtful Note

While the flowers are a nice gesture, they are much more meaningful when they are delivered with a thoughtful note. There's no need to write anything lengthy, just a few words that let the recipient know you are thinking of them or praying for them if they are religious. Should you have trouble thinking of something to say, find a short and sweet poem to place on the card instead. The important thing is that your friend or loved one is able to feel that you truly care. 

Be Mindful of Cultural Practices

When considering sending sympathy flowers, you need to be mindful of cultural practices. Those that follow any denomination of the Christian faith, or those who identify with the Roman Catholic faith welcome any type of flower arrangement. When it comes to the Jewish faith, as well as the Hindu religion, flowers are discouraged. This is because burials take place quickly. Donations or gift baskets are a better option. Buddhists and those who follow Chinese cultural practices appreciate lighter colored flowers, such as white or yellow chrysanthemums. 

Better Late Than Never

In some instances, you may not find out about your friend or family member's loss right away. This could be because you live in different states, or because the grieving individual chose not to publicly announce the death. Either way, it is still best to send sympathy flowers as soon as you find about the funeral, even if the funeral has already passed. The flower arrangement and thoughtful note will still let the individual know you care, as he or she is likely to be mourning for some time.


24 February 2017

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