How To Remember Your Deceased Loved One In A Concrete Way

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If somebody you love with all your heart has recently passed away, you are more than likely realizing that this will be the first Thanksgiving and Christmas that you will spend without him or her. If your loved one had a traditional funeral and is buried at a cemetery, you have the comfort of being able to visit his or her resting place. However, if your loved one was cremated, you won't have the opportunity to visit a burial site. However, there are certainly concrete ways that will help you to remember your deceased loved one.

Tangible Memories - Think of collecting favorite photographs of the person who has passed away. Of course, you probably have scrapbooks that include many pictures, but think of displaying the favorites in a collage that you can look at easily. Another idea is to make a display of things that represent the deceased person. For example, if he or she was an artist, think of setting up an attractive display on a table that includes a painting and things like paintbrushes and photographs that were used to create the painting. And, if you have love notes or saved greeting cards, think about tying them up with a beautiful ribbon and placing them on your bedside table by a photograph of the person you are missing.

Cremation Jewelry - You might not be able to visit an actual graveside, but there might be something that you like even more. Consider buying cremation jewelry that carries some of the remains of the person who was cremated. For example, select a beautiful necklace that has a vial as part of the design, or choose a ring that has a chamber for the remains if your loved one's body. Cremation jewelry comes in so many designs that you might end up choosing several pieces.

With Christmas approaching, think of giving cremation jewelry to other friends and family members who are also missing the deceased person. Consider selecting cremation jewelry that has both gold and silver metal in the design so that you can wear it with all of your other jewelry and so that those who receive it as gifts can do the same. 

If you decide to give cremation jewelry to those who were close to the deceased person, consider writing a personal note that will remind each recipient of the love that the deceased person felt for him or her. Contact a company like Owls & Co. for more information and assistance. 


14 November 2017

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