Two Pieces Of Restaurant Equipment To Consider Buying Used

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Starting a new restaurant or expanding an existing location means securing new equipment, particularly if your new location doesn't come with a working kitchen. Although this can be major portion of your startup cost, it doesn't have to take too big of a chunk from your bottom line. Used equipment can provide major savings. The following are the two major items that you should consider buying used.

Walk-in coolers and freezers

Coolers are readily available on the used market and relatively easy to find in like-new condition. Things to consider when shopping for a used walk-in include

  • Insulation quality. If the wall seams have split or if visible portions of the insulation look moldy or compressed, keep shopping.

  • Door operation. The door should shut securely and have a latch that can be operated from both inside and outside of the cooler.

  • Curtain repair. The curtain on the doorway must also be in good condition, since this prevents the loss of cold air when the door is open.

  • Basic operation. Always purchase a walk-in that can be tested. You want to ensure it reaches and maintains the temperature to which you set it. The compressor and fan should also work without any alarming noises or freezing up.

Ovens, grills, and ranges

Most general cooking appliances, from pizza ovens to fryer bays, are good deals when they're bought used. Things to look for when shopping for these items include

  • Basic cleanliness. If the previous owner didn't perform regular cleaning, they likely also skimped on maintenance.

  • Component operation. Doors, handles, and knobs must work properly and latch as necessary. Items like rollers should move smoothly. Cooking surfaces and bays must reach the set temperatures and maintain the temperature without any major fluctuations. In ovens in particular, use several thermometers to test so you can ensure there are no hot or cold spots.

  • Safety considerations. Many cooking appliances have safety features, which may be required by health and safety codes. These can be emergency shut-off valves or safety bars. Make sure these are in place and haven't been removed or disabled.

Any quality used restaurant equipment supplier will allow you to inspect and test the equipment. Talk with a professional at a company like YOUR EQUIPMENT GUYS for more information. It's also a good idea to get a warranty on the equipment in case you have any problems. This way, you minimize risk while saving a lot of money.


24 January 2018

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