4 Crystals That Could Help You Deal With Migraines

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Since crystal healing is a complementary process that doesn't interfere with any other medications or treatments you might be receiving, it's an interesting way to potentially help your attempts to get over a chronic or recurring health issue. Migraines in particular can interrupt your daily routine and make it impossible to focus on work or family responsibilities. Wearing or using these four crystals could help you experience fewer migraines.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a blue stone, usually a dark indigo blue, that is mottled with lines of white to yellow minerals. The stone has been prized for jewelry making and metaphysical purposes for centuries, and it's still used today by people who believe in the power of crystal healing. Some crystal healers recommend lapis lazuli for relieving migraines. True, non-dyed lapis lazuli is safe to press against your forehead or wear inside of a headband when you're experiencing a migraine without the risk of irritating your skin.


As a form of naturally colored quartz, amethyst is one of the most widely used healing crystals that is often recommended for dozens of different conditions. Since many crystal users believe that amethyst has the ability to soothe inflammation, reduce stress, and relieve pain in general, it's a good choice for treating migraines. Amethyst is also easy to combine with other crystals without producing conflicts or unwanted effects.


Not only is labradorite one of the most beautiful crystals to collect or wear as jewelry, it's also one of the many stones recommended for preventing or relieving migraines. Many crystal healers attribute specific ailments like migraines to specific emotional or spiritual issues, such as repressed emotions and abilities. Using labradorite is claimed to release that trapped energy and resolve the underlying problem, resulting in fewer health problems according to this kind of holistic approach.


Don't forget about turquoise in your search for crystals and jewelry that could help you avoid migraines in the future. This stone has a long history of use as a good luck charm in general to prevent accidents and injuries, but it also has a history of recommendation to migraine sufferers. While turquoise is safe to rest against the skin, your skin's natural oils will cause the crystal to discolor over time as it is absorbed by the porous surface. Wearing a piece of turquoise set into silver or gold will provide similar benefits without the risk of discoloration.

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23 July 2018

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