Ways to Plan Medals for Your Upcoming Karate Tournament

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Young athletes who train in karate will frequently get to put their skills to the test at different tournaments throughout the year. If your local club hosts such a tournament, there is a considerable amount of preparation that goes into making the event run well and be memorable for the athletes. You will want to have a number of custom medals on hand to give out, including some for the winners of each weight class and age group, as well as general participation medals for the other young karate practitioners who are in attendance. Here are some ideas for planning how these medals will look.

Choose a Karate Theme

There are all sorts of generic sports medals that you can order in large quantities from custom medal services, but there is value in going with something that is not generic. If a karate practitioner participates in several other sports, he or she may have a number of generic medals—for example, those that read "Champion" or "#1." Make your medal specific to karate by choosing a karate-appropriate image for the front of the medal. A karate practitioner jumping and kicking, especially if the image is raised, will really stand out.

Customize the Ribbon

Many youth sports tournaments that hand out medals use generic ribbons, including those that are of a solid color or that are striped in red, white, and blue. However, you have the option of customizing the ribbon with printed material that suits your event. You will want to speak to someone at the medal company to determine how many characters can fit on the ribbon, but including the name of the event is a good way to make the ribbon special. You may also want to include the name of your host karate club.

Add Details on the Back

It is also advantageous to use the back of the medal to inscribe specific details about the karate tournament. If you have opted for a larger image on the front of the medal, there may not be space to include any wording. Use the rear of the medals to provide the appropriate wording, such as "Champion," "Runner-Up," or "Participant." For a custom touch, specify each of the weight classes that is represented at the event. For example, for a specific weight class, you will have champion and runner-up medals, as well as several participant medals for the other participants.


18 March 2019

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