Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Jute Area Rug

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If you're shopping for an area rug that will augment the look or functionality of a room in your home, one of the types of rugs that you'll likely come across is one made of jute. This plant fiber gives this kind of area rug a unique appearance, which means that it will definitely stand out from area rugs made of cotton, polyester, or wool. It's worthwhile to think about these pros and cons of jute area rugs before you move forward with your purchase.

Pro: Rustic Look

One of the big benefits of a jute rug is the rustic appearance that it provides. If you're someone who likes rustic elements in your home and is always on the lookout for more ways to give your home a rustic feel, a jute area rug can be a good choice. Whereas rugs made of other natural and synthetic fibers can have a modern and stylish appearance, jute gives the rug an enticing rustic quality.

Con: Not Particularly Soft

You'll notice that jute area rugs aren't nearly as soft as those made of other materials. Jute tends to be coarse, and some jute rugs are rougher than others. If you're someone who goes around in bare feet in your home, or you're looking for an area rug to cover the floor in a room in which your children frequently play, jute may seem a little too rough for your intended use.

Pro: Rugged Quality

Jute tends to be highly resilient, thanks to its rugged nature. Whereas rugs made of polyester and cotton can sustain damage and show signs of wear, this isn't as likely with jute. Because these fibers are hard and dense, you're unlikely to do anything that compromises the integrity of your jute area rug. Even if you walk across it in the exact same manner multiple times a day, you aren't apt to see any significant signs of wear.

Con: Limited Color Choices

When you browse different sizes and styles of jute area rugs, one thing that they'll often have in common is their color. Jute's natural look can vary slightly, but it's generally within the tan and/or brown color spectrum. Rugs made of other materials can come in virtually every color you can name, which means that if you're wanting your area rug to inject a splash of color into a room, jute might not be your best choice. Look for options at carpet suppliers like Carpet Discount Warehouse.


29 April 2019

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