Do You Need A Housewarming Gift For Your Highly Organized Friend? 3 Reasons Why A Hasami Porcelain Plate Set Is Perfect

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Your friend's first home purchase is an exciting event to celebrate, and it's important to find the perfect gift to bring to their housewarming party. However, you may already know that the last thing they need is a whole bunch of knickknacks cluttering up their home when they prefer more streamlined designs. Hasami porcelain is a unique material that combines the beauty of porcelain with clay that is fired at high temperatures to create durable servingware. As you shop for that perfect gift, consider these three reasons why choosing a plate set for your friend will appeal to their need for organization.

They Have a Minimalistic Design

A plate set with intricate or gaudy designs may not be appealing to someone who prefers that everything matches in their cabinets. Fortunately, a Hasami porcelain plate set is available in plain colors that go with everything. You can choose from neutral colors such as gloss gray or black to give your friend a set of plates that they can put out with anything else that they place on the table. These neutral colors are also perfect for showcasing the food they serve along with their unique sense for minimalistic designs.

They Are Stackable

For a highly organized person, kitchen cabinets are often a huge hot spot that is difficult to keep free from clutter. Mismatched plates often create issues with using each space to its full capacity. These plates are made in varying sizes that all stack together in a way that is similar to nesting dolls. Your friend will love that they can keep a plate set all in one place without having to take up an entire shelf in their cabinets. Your friend will also find it very satisfying to place them all in their proper order as they organize their new home.

They Are Multi-Functional

Multi-functional pieces are essential for avoiding kitchen clutter. After all, keeping a ton of different plates, trays, and lids naturally fills up cabinets and leads to a jumbled mess. A Japanese Hasami porcelain plate set is meant to be used for more than just eating on. Large plates double as serving platters and trays. Smaller plates can be used as lids on other items. Since the plates have high sides, they can also work as bowls to hold noodle and rice dishes. Being able to use the plates in multiple ways means that your gift will likely become one that your friends often uses in their new home.


20 August 2019

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