Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Bra Holster

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If you're a woman who is seeking a creative way to carry a concealed weapon when you leave the house, one type of holster that you may find at your local gun shop is a bra holster. This device allows you to mount a firearm directly under the center of your bra or on the side of your bra, making it easy to access should the need ever arise. A bra holster is only one type of holster that is suitable for women, so consider these pros and cons to help you decide if it's right for you.

Pro: The Firearm Will Stay Hidden

Some holsters do a good job of holding your firearm where you can retrieve it quickly, but may not always keep the gun concealed. For example, an ankle holster offers concealment until you cross your legs and your pant cuffs slide up, while a waist holder is effective at concealment until you stretch your arms overhead and your shirt slides up. When you choose a bra holster, there's little chance that you'll move in a way that reveals your firearm.

Con: The Holster Limits The Gun Size

Some women enjoy carrying small pistols as concealed weapons, but this isn't always the case. If you have big hands, you're strong, and you're comfortable with larger handguns, you may feel more comfortable with a bigger pistol. One challenge of a bra holster is that it works best with compact firearms, as it can be difficult to fit a full-sized pistol to this part of your body in a subtle manner.

Pro: It's Fairly Comfortable

Comfort is a significant factor to assess when you plan to carry a concealed weapon in a holster for a long period of time. Some holsters can cause the handle of the pistol to dig into your skin, resulting in discomfort after a short duration. Generally, a bra holster keeps your gun in a comfortable position. Because it's sitting flat against your skin, it shouldn't dig into your body.

Con: It Can Influence What Shirt You Wear

Should you buy a bra holster, you'll want to try it on with different styles of shirts. Some shirts are better for this type of holster than others when it comes to retrieving your pistol quickly. A loose-fitting T-shirt or blouse, for example, is relatively easy to reach into and grab the gun. A tight sweater or a button-up shirt, conversely, can make this task more difficult.

For more information about different types of concealed-carry holsters, reach out to holster suppliers.


17 October 2019

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