A Look At Interesting Finds In The Shopping Malls Of The Future

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Shopping malls across the country have begun to close down as more consumers rely on e-commerce websites to get products they want from their favorite brands. However, this does not mean that the shopping mall is dead; it is only in the process of changing. More modern stores are still showing up, and many of them look quite different in order to serve the interests of the consumer of the future. Take a look at some of the things you should expect to see in a futuristic shopping mall. 

Shopping malls built around community values will be more prevalent

With less of a reliance on a diverse selection of stores, there will likely be more shopping centers that are actually focused around community values and interests. For example, a community that has a lot of churches and a general interest in religion may have a shopping center that has spiritual bookstores, a travel agency that specializes in spiritual experiences, and a food store that caters to specific dietary interests of certain religions. These hyperfocused locations will be specifically designed to cater to the communities that surround them. 

Flagship stores will be replaced by entertainment-related attractions

The old shopping mall was usually centered around a major flagship store that would be the prime location for that specific retailer. However, many of those large flagship stores have transitioned to online retail sales or gone out of business. In order to retain consumer focus, many more modern shopping centers will focus on entertainment-related attractions, such as museums or theme parks. These entertainment areas can offer enough draw to keep customers flowing in, looking for something to do, and visiting the smaller stores in the process. 

Stores inside shopping malls will be far less reliant on inventory and more reliant on experience

If you take a walk into larger stores these days, many things have already changed. Due to the fact that so much merchandise can be purchased online, stores are far less reliant on in-store inventory, and stores in shopping malls are bound to follow suit. Many smaller stores now focus on customer experience. For example, you may find a cosmetic store in a shopping mall, but the primary service offering may be offering samples, makeovers, and stations where you can try certain products before placing orders. Likewise, something like a gaming store may offer more gaming centers to try different games and less store inventory. 


23 January 2020

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