4 Good Reasons To Choose A Silicone Pipe

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If you've shopped for a pipe lately, you may have realized something: they're not all made from glass anymore! In fact, there are a number of brands, large and small, that are making silicone pipes with glass bowl inserts. Why would you buy these pipes over one made from glass? Well, there are a few reasons. Some people choose silicone pipes for just one of these reasons, and some people choose them for several of these reasons. 

You don't have to worry about breakage and sharp shards

If you've ever broken a glass pipe before, you know how dangerous and messy this can be. Cleaning up the glass without cutting yourself is always a challenge. And of course, you worry that you'll miss a few shards and someone will step on them later. With a silicone pipe, this is not a concern. The pipe itself is not breakable, and the small, removable glass bowl is well protected by the silicone, so it's unlikely to break if you drop the pipe.

The bowl is easy to clean

Cleaning a glass pipe is always a hassle and requires the use of tiny tools, like little brushes. Cleaning the small glass bowl that comes with a silicone pipe is much easier. Pop it out, wipe it down with some isopropyl alcohol, and move on with your day. You can keep your pipe a lot cleaner when it's this easy to clean, and smoking from a clean pipe is always nicer.

They feel soft in your hands

Some people like the feel of a glass pipe in their hands, and if that's you, then feel free to continue to buy glass! But if you are one of the many people who think that glass feels too hard and cold, then you might like a silicone pipe better. They feel soft and almost velvet-like in your hands, making for a better smoking experience.

They're inexpensive

Glass pipes can get pricey, and their cost is totally understandable since blowing glass requires a lot of skill and precision. Silicone pipes can be made in a factory from cheaper materials, so they tend to cost a lot less. If you're on a budget or don't want to blow your budget on a pipe, then silicone is the way to go.

There are lots of good reasons to choose a silicone pipe. Visit a shop like Valfré Smoke Shop, select a pipe you love, and go for it.


28 May 2021

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