Prepare a Corporate Gift Exchange

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A gift exchange is a fun way to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Explore some gift shops in your local region and come up with an exchange method that will include each worker and ensure that gifts are similarly priced.

Gifts For All Occasions

A gift shop may feature holiday products, household goods, clothing, jewelry, and hobbyist products. Browsing through the merchandise that is featured will help you determine if a particular shop markets pricey items or ones that are a reasonable cost. A shop that sells wares that are inexpensive can be suggested to your employees during the time that you mention that you will be hosting a gift exchange.

A corporate gift exchange should never make someone feel as if they are competing against others within the workplace and should be conducted in a manner that is respectful to everyone who will be participating. Because you do not have details about each person's spending ability, stick to a price range that is on the low side and plan on purchasing some extra gifts on your own, in case someone is unable to afford to buy a gift for the exchange.

An Exchange Type And Preparations

A secret Santa is a relatively common gift exchange type that involves randomly assigning each worker to purchase a gift for another person. Nobody is aware of who their secret Santa is in this type of exchange, which can make the entire event more alluring. 

If you would like to leave the gift receipts up to chance, use a numbering system that involves having each worker draw a number from a cup and select a gift that has the same number affixed to it. To successfully execute this type of exchange, you can request that all of your employees purchase gifts and drop them off at your office. Set aside time to wrap all of the gifts. Afterward, create a series of number tags that can be used to mark the gifts and to fill the cup that your employees will be drawing from.

While preparing the gifts, count up the number of items that your employees supplied. If there aren't enough gifts for the number of people who will be participating in the gift exchange, make a separate stop to the gift shop that you have selected and purchase some additional items that can be used to supplement the collection of gifts that you already have at your business.

For more information, contact a local gift shop near you to learn more.


9 August 2021

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