Tips For Using An Ear Candle

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People use ear candles for a number of reasons. Some people find that the candles help alleviate sinus pressure due to a cold or infection. Others find that ear candling helps reduce wax buildup or treat a headache. Regardless of why you're candling your ears, however, there are a few tips you'll want to follow in the process.

If you're using wax softening drops, use them first.

Wax softening drops and ear candles are often used together to reduce wax buildup in the ears. If you do plan on using both products at once, always use the wax softening drops first. This way, the drops have some time to take effect while the ear candle does its job. After the candling, you'll then be able to more easily clear the wax out of your ears.

Have someone else light and hold the candle.

Some people do candle their own ears, but it's not exactly the wisest thing to do. You could burn yourself or even start a fire if you mishandle the candle. Always enlist the help of someone else to light and hold the ear candle. The helper should stay near you for the entire time the candle is lit, just in case you need to move or get something. This way, you don't risk lighting something on fire if you knock over the candle.

Use a wax catcher over the candle.

Most ear candle kits come with a wax catcher, which is a paper or plastic sleeve you can put over the candle in order to catch melted wax as it drips down. Some people don't use this sleeve, but skipping it is taking the risk of having hot wax fall on your cheek, burning you. Always put the sleeve on before you have your helper light the candle. 

Don't insert the candle too far.

Ear candles are usually wide enough that they can't be shoved too far down in your ear. However, if you have really big ears or happen to buy one of the narrowest candles on the market, it may be possible to shove the candle in too far. To avoid this, never push on the ear candle once it is inserted. Let it rest wherever it naturally settles in your ear.

Using an ear candle is not difficult, but it can take some getting used to. Follow the tips above for a successful experience.


11 January 2022

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