Custom Name Plates For Your Commercial Mailbox

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If you recently opened a business in Florence, you may be interested in adding custom features to your business. A Florence mailbox name plate is a product that is designed to customize a mailbox that is set up outdoors or indoors as well.

Seek Inspiration

An online tag distributor may offer many sample tags on their website. These samples will demonstrate how various color combinations and prints will look. A tag supplier may use an etching process or a stamping process. An etched plate, for instance, may utilize a laser engraving process. Metal products that are going to be laser-engraved will be cut and polished first. Then, the lettering and numbering that a client selects will be added to one side of the plate.

A finishing process may be used that will provide an etched surface with a smooth texture. A tag manufacturer may also list some vinyl products. Thick vinyl that contains a magnetic backing can be pressed directly onto a metal box. Vinyl tags will undergo a die-cut process. This type of process is used to provide a tag with a custom shape or thickness. Use an online guide to inspire you when shopping for a tag for your new business mailbox.

Choose Distinct Products For Various Boxes

Mailbox name tags are not reserved for use on actual mailboxes that your postal delivery person will be placing your mail in. You can use these tags for other types of boxes too. For instance, if you are going to set up a correspondence box that your workers or clients can use, you may want to affix a name tag to the outside of the box. This type of box can be set up on a desk or can be secured along the door to your office.

If you will be purchasing multiple tags for your new business, measure each box that you will be adding a tag to. Look at the design of each box, to determine if you would like to display one or more tags on each one. Tags should be clearly visible from several feet away. A large tag should be used to customize a mailbox that your official mail will be added to. The other tags that you decide to order can be customized for a specific box type. Remember to order hardware for any metal tags that will need to be screwed to a box.   


29 December 2022

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