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A local gift shop that specializes in candy carries a wide range of items that can entice each member of your family. Your kids might gravitate toward specific products that are colorful and have vibrant packaging, while you might look for vintage-style products that you enjoyed many years ago. When you browse the shelves of this shop, there's a good chance that you'll also see a variety of novelty candy products. These products can be fun to buy as gifts, to enjoy yourself, or even to display in your home. Here are three novelty candy products that you'll often find at a candy shop.

Candy Jewelry

Most types of candy are designed to eat, but there are certain products that you can wear for a period of time before you enjoy eating them. Many candy shops have a selection of candy jewelry, which can be fun for people of all ages. These products can vary. Candy rings, which often feature a large, colorful piece of hard candy on a plastic ring, are common. You'll also see candy necklaces, which feature small pieces of candy strung along an elasticized string. You may even find bracelets and other pieces of jewelry that feature candy.

Jumbo Sized

When you think of a piece of candy, you likely think of something that you can eat in one or two bites. While most types of candy fit this description, you'll often come across jumbo candy products when you visit the candy section of a gift shop. There are lots of these candy products on the market. For example, you might find a piece of gummy candy that is larger than your hand — requiring you to take bites out of it, rather than pop the whole thing in your mouth. Oversized chocolate bars are also common. These sweets can be fun to display on your desk for a few weeks or months before you eat them.

Unusual Taste

By definition, candy is sweet — although there are lots of products that combine sweet and sour tastes. When you browse the novelty products at a candy shop, you'll often see items that have an unusual taste. For example, instead of being moderately sour, you might see products that boast their extremely sour taste. Other novelty products can be spicy, which isn't a taste that you'd commonly associate with candy. If you're an adventurous eater, it can be fun to buy a selection of candy products with unusual tastes.

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25 May 2023

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